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Dogs are our biggest passion. Since we started this business, helping dogs in need has been at the forefront of our goals. We commit to donating a portion of our profits to shelters and rescue organizations, but we want to do more.  We have a connection with Ewenity Farm Herding Dog Haven, a foster based rescue in Bradenton, Florida.  Florida, like a lot of the South, has an overpopulation of dogs who don't have homes.  Many of these dogs end up being euthanized.  Fosters for these dogs save their lives.

Our goal is to create a list of people in this area who would be willing to become temporary fosters for these deserving dogs.  We need to get at least 30-40 volunteers for the transport up here to be financially doable.  If you have considered becoming a foster, please contact us.  We will make the process easy by directing you to the foster application, facilitating the transportation process and assisting with finding adopters once the puppies and dogs are here. Let's save doggy lives together!

You can check out Ewenity Farm here:

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